About our Agency

Teddy’s Tutoring NYC is a collaboration of driven and passionate private tutors working in a wide spectrum of academic disciplines from Biomedical Sciences, Computer Programming, and Engineering to Elementary School, Middle School, and High School Professors. The range of tutoring experiences within our service include general coursework support and organization for Science, Math and Humanities courses, standardized exam and admissions test prep, college and graduate school admissions coaching, and much more! Teddy’s Tutoring NYC was created to support students in a judgment-free learning environment by assessing academic needs and taking an individualized approach to foster student growth and development. At Teddy’s Tutoring NYC, we equip our students with the skills to excel in academia and in life!

Tutoring Services

Homework & Coursework Support: English, History, Multidisciplinary Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Neuroscience, Public Health), Math (Pre-algebra, Trigonometry, Algebra 1&2, Pre-calculus, Calculus 1,2&3, and Statistics), and Early Childhood Education (Math, Reading, Writing, and Phonics).

Standardized & Admissions Test Prep: MCAT, GRE, SAT/ACT, ISEE, SHSAT, SSAT, TACHS, HSPT, Regents, and NY State exams.

College and Graduate School Admissions: Personal statement writing, resume building, and interview workshops.

Specialized Coaching: Original Teddy’s Tutoring Intro to Neuroscience and Python Coding courses taught by our industry professionals!

Our tutors are passionate about their students — and passionate about what they teach!

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