Tutor Success Stories

“When I first started tutoring, I had a third grade student, Elizabeth, who was having trouble building her reading skills. Her teacher informed me that she was reading at a second grade level and struggling with her fluency. Elizabeth and I focused our sessions on reading with expression by paying close attention to punctuation and recognizing sight words using games and activities. By the end of the year, Elizabeth was able to catch up and read as smoothly as her classmates! It was amazing to see Elizabeth read with confidence and excitement!”

-Third Grade Reading, Catherine Gambardella

Last year, I tutored Eric Y., a 9th grader struggling with Algebra. Eric was a diligent student but found it difficult to keep up with the new topics being covered in his class. As we explored complex polynomials, linear relationships, and graphing quadratic functions, I encouraged Eric to think of each new topic as an extension of the previous lesson. Eric began to see Algebra as a structure of knowledge constantly being built from a foundation, which helped him finish the class with an A-!”

Algebra II, Randy Ellis

“Once, I tutored Jackie H., a 12th grader desperate to pass Physics and graduate. I knew that with a bit of hard work and a zeal to get through and understand the material, she would succeed! Jackie picked up on concepts relating to Newton’s laws, linear motion and centripetal force. She was curious about science, but her professor was unable to make Physics relatable for her, so we explored analogies that helped placed the ideas into perspective. After Jackie graduated, I learned to value creativity when making material more palatable for my students.”

Physics, Amy Gutierrez

“In a draft of his personal statement, Leo wrote about his passion for food, but just scratched the surface of the impact it had on his life. We dug deep and produced a very moving account of personal trauma. Leo wrote a weighty piece on losing a friend to suicide, and later described the Japanese feast he cooked for his friends that brought them solace in their dark time. Through his story, he articulated what food meant to him: an opportunity for people with shared memories and strife to connect and take comfort in their collectiveness. By sharing his story, Leo got accepted to his top 5 schools.”

Personal Statement Writing, Amanda Ciardiello

“A few years ago, I tutored a student of mine, Gabriel, for a biomedical science elective class. I enjoyed helping Gabriel learn about different experiments and research methods that scientist use to study the brain for the purpose of drug discoveries, but the most fun was seeing Gabriel develop a love for research outside of the classroom. Gabriel was from a proud North African family, but had not met many scientist that shared his cultural upbringing. Gabriel took an interest in shadowing me in my lab and decided to pursue neuroscience research in college!”

-Intro to Biomedical Sciences, Aya Osman, Ph.D

“As an educator, I value high level tutors and tutoring companies. I recommend Teddy’s Tutoring because all of the tutors are individuals with high level backgrounds. Whether it be education or individuals in STEM professions, you can count on these individuals to provide you nothing but the best.

-Julia G., Educational consultant & teacher
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